The private driver? The experienced transporter for your trip!

The role of the executive driver is like the guardian angel …

Defensive, considerate, efficient, discreet and calm driving in all circumstances.

The private driver shall refrain from retaliating against an aggressive motorist or any other behaviour in public and private places.

The private driver may not address you except in necessary cases, for an itinerary for example or a change of situation in the context of your appointments.

If you wish to speak to your driver and start a conversation, it is only with your permission.

The services offered are designed so that you can work or relax during the journey; this does not, of course, preclude a conversation.

Both driver and guide, are there to relieve you of the small contingencies of the trip:

✓       Welcome you at the pick-up location (station, airport, office, home, etc.)

✓         Take and dispose of your luggage and personal effects

✓         Accompany you to your car

✓         Protect you from rain or direct sunlight

✓         Protect your valuables such as work equipment

✓        Open doors in a respectful manner

Discretion and elegance in all circumstances are our watchwords:

✓    Uniform, cleanliness and hygiene are the order of the day at TRM, all year round.

✓     Excellent education and general culture are the little extras that make your travelling time pleasant, relaxed and restful.

✓     Smooth, defensive, responsible and roadworthy driving style

These are all details that are likely to make you repeat your experience with TRM Services.

Bringing your guests or yourself to a good destination is the minimum that a TRM driver can do… Doing it with a perfect knowledge of the places, the topography of Belgium and the “little tricks” that will avoid wasting time and make the trip more enjoyable is a must!

This is what differentiates them from drivers who only follow their GPS…

The conversations?

If the passenger wishes, and in an elegant, discreet and respectful manner.

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